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Is your tap water safe to drink?

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    Is your tap water safe to drink?

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      Protect your family with the best water filtering system

      For those who want the best. Our water has 3 distinctive properties..Pure water, Alkaline water, and full of antioxidants.Amazing taste. There is no water like our water.

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      Check your water from your smart app

      This is the best water filter in the planet, Period. 600 GPD and low waste ratio 2:1 Reverse Osmosis.


      Customers about us

      “We have been so impressed with the quality of the water and the service that we had. I highly recommend Well Spring for water purification in any building.”

      Evangelina Jaime

      37 y.o. Dallas Texas

      “Friendly helpful service, but also because of the quality products and reasonable prices.”

      Olivia Garcia

      28 y.o, New York, NY
      choose the best

      Pristine water all over your house

      When it comes to providing pure water for
      your family, nothing but the best will be done.

      choose efficiency

      We transform ordinary tap water into clean pure Alcaline water

      Lead, asbestos, chromium, chlorine, chloramines, other harmful contaminants
      0 +
      9 Plus pH alkaline
      0 ORP
      Chock full of antioxidants -200+ orp
      frequently asked questions

      The foolproof way to select a quality filter

      We produce high-tech solutions in the field of water purification that meet the most stringent quality standards and customer requirements.

      How can I tell if there are contaminants in my water?

      A basic water test from Avincii is free and as easy as scheduling an appointment with your agent online or over the phone. We will show you many things about the quality in your water.

      When and why should I test my water?

      Follow your instincts. A good indication is if you feel taste or odor in your water. Also if you see hardness accumulation around your water fixtures.

      Is Alkaline water better than Pure water?

      There are opposite opinions regarding alkaline water, nevertheless water in nature is alkaline, fruits and vegetables are alkaline. Alkaline water will not hurt you in any way. We have the option of Pure and alkaline water or only Pure water without the alkalinity. It’s your choice!

      Do I need just a water softener?

      A water softener will only take care of part of the problem. Our systems are build under science protocol. Our systems are TOP OF THE LINE, they are built carefully with all media and components to avoid cross contamination and to eliminate Heavy elements like lead, Chlorine, Bacteria, algae, pathogens and will also provide soft water. Our equipment is more! many companies that sale water softeners mix with carbon, this is a bad practice because those systems will create bacteria.

      Get the truth about your water!

      Bottled / Filtered Water

      Average spend :

      per month

      Save upto $ 324 per year

      The average person 43.7 gallons of bottled water a year, and that adds up! With an ONIT water system, you can cut out all bottled water as your drinking water is now up to the highest quality.

      Cleaning Products

      Average spend :

      per month

      Save upto $ 420 per year

      With softer water, your detergent and cleaning products work better, estimating you can use 50% less detergent or soap.

      Energy Consumption

      Average spend :

      per month

      Save upto $ 36 per year

      Your water heater accounts for about 13% of your monthly electricity bill. And with hard water, gas water heaters have to work harder to warm your water due to scale buildup. softer water can reduce energy consumption by 20%

      Plumbing Issues

      Average spend :

      per month

      Save upto $ 90 per year

      Softer water means that those hard minerals aren’t clogging and destroying your pipes and appliances. You can reduce hard water-related problems and save up to 75% per year.

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      It's Time to trust your water

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